Roses and Rotten Tomatoes (April 9, 2015)


  • A huge bouquet of roses to the off-duty paramedic and other Good Samaritans who stopped to help my son, who had fallen off his skateboard near 64th Avenue. It is so wonderful to know we have such amazing people in our community who are so willing to help others. Thank you so much.

  • A red rose to Amy at the Shoppers Drug Mart at 152nd Street who explained their bonus points system to me, which includes a product code from the advertisement or something for your smart phone – which I do not own. She then credited me with the points, which took some time and which I appreciated.

  • A bundle of roses to Laura at Starbucks inside Safeway on King George Boulevard. I don’t know if you’ll read this, sweetie, but your smile is always so bright and you’re always so kind and cheerful – even with long lineups and no one to help you. You brighten my day every time I come in.

  • Roses to the person who wrote a Rotten Tomato about not voting "Yes" for transit. Sir, you are smart for writing it – hopefully people will heed your advice and vote "No."

  • Golden-coloured roses to the staff at Tahiti Tan in Cloverdale. Everyone is always smiling and friendly. Thank you!

  • I’d like to give some roses to hockey player Andrew Hammond, the "Hamburglar" goalie who grew up in Surrey, for the way he’s playing for the Ottawa Senators. What a thrill ride he’s been on since getting called up by the team several weeks ago. They’re now close to making the NHL playoffs. Well done, Hamburglar!

  • Roses for my grandmother, who was always there for me. RIP, "Nana-boo." I love you.


  • Rotten tomatoes to the Municipality of Delta for being beyond dumb with trafficcontrol bumps on Lyon Road, east of Nicholson. The first one is at a crosswalk – after an elementary school. Because you didn’t listen to complaints from taxpayers, a 19-year-old girl came speeding sown the street in the wee hours of the morning and hit my truck head-on. My truck is written off. Thank you so, so much.

  • Barrels of rotten tomatoes to the uncompassionate person who hit our dog with their vehicle in broad daylight on March 31 – and just left him at the side of the road. I hope karma gets you. Our sweet boy was put down last night because of the injuries you caused. We are heartbroken. But you just kept on driving.

  • I’ll take a rotten tomato for not paying attention to our open garage door and letting Bubba, my four-year-old black lab, escape our home near Earl Marriott Secondary. Bubba ran across 16th Avenue and was hit by a bus and somehow managed to run home before we even knew he was gone. Something was up, though, because he was yelping like we never heard before. A nicely arranged box of roses to the caring young lady and her family who witnessed the accident and tracked down our house to check on Bubba and let us know what happened. Thank you so much! Also, I’d like to send my apologies to the bus driver, who must have been somewhat traumatized by the incident. Bubba appears to have no serious injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.

  • A dozen rotten tomatoes to the annoying, ill-mannered people who think it’s OK to cough in the air when they are really sick. Do you even realize you’re risking the health of others? People like you are just selfish and don’t care about anyone but yourselves! If you’re gonna make other people sick and don’t care, stay home, for God’s sake!

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