Roses and Rotten Tomatoes (July 23, 2015)


  • Roses and a ‘big-man’ apology (to top the other coach’s) to Jennifer, who was working the scoreboard at Cloverdale Ball Park when things went awry. The visiting coach sent his runner from third on a fly ball, thinking there were two outs, when there was only one away. Our team (the Cloverdale Spurs) took advantage of his mistake and made the double play to end the inning. Naturally (lol), their coach did what any good coach would do – he blamed our scoreboard. Amidst the frustration, he asked us to turn it off to avoid further confusion on the diamond and I expressed this to our side in what was likely a curt manner. Turns out, the scoreboard was deadly accurate and a few innings later, he apologized and we turned it back on. Thank you for doing a great job and I am sorry your scoreboard-keeping abilities were questioned!

  • Roses to solid parents who raise their kids to be good to each other, respectful and show responsibility for their actions. We need to see more good well-to-do stable families out here in today’s world.

  • Birthday roses to my beautiful daughter Chelsea! It’s hard to believe you’re 13 already. Time flies when you are having fun. I am so proud of you and all your accomplishments – love you to the moon and back. Love you, Mom.

  • Birthday roses to my Grandpa who is turning 77. Have a wonderful day today and may all your wishes come true.

  • A lovely bouquet of roses go out to the Langley RCMP. Whenever I’ve called and asked for help, they’re always around. Their response time is swift and quick, lickety split. Thanks so much guys, you are all amazing!

  • Roses to the three "garbalogists" who stopped and tried to help when our Nissan broke down on Fraser Highway and 164th Street. Also the nice girl from Two EE’s Farm. Car fixed. Distributor under warranty. Thanks guys!

Rotten tomatoes

  • Rotten tomatoes to the three people who got into their van that was parked in the disability parking spot in Safeway at 120th Street and 64th Avenue, after we all finished a one-hour class of hot yoga. I saw that you had a disability sticker on your vehicle but I was with you in the class and there was nothing that you could not do. What kind of disability do you have that allows you to go to a onehour hot yoga/pilates session?

  • Rotten tomatoes to the two Roughrider fans who left the game early, thinking it was a win. They walked by my 79-yearold mom and heckled her for being a Lions fan. My mom is a great fan and would have congratulated you on a win -if the game had been over!

  • More rotten tomatoes to the people hogging street parking in East Clayton. Seriously, why would you park in front of someone else’s house in the first place? If you are a tenant, your landlord should provide you a permanent parking spot. If not, find landlords who do.

  • One rotten tomato to each of you who buy bottled water. Your grandchildren will be very thirsty.

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