Roses and Rotten Tomatoes (June 26, 2014)


  • Roses to all the dedicated teachers and staff of the North Surrey Learning Centre for all of their hard work and time. Thank you for making the deserving students, parents and friends so proud of their graduation ceremonies. Go class 2014!

  • Red roses to all the staff at Save-on-Foods in Cloverdale Junction. The staff has been very helpful and always served me with a smile.

  • Roses to the wonderful lady behind us in grocery store who stepped forward to pay for my groceries when my credit card was declined for no good reason. I carried no cash. She gracefully told me to help someone else in need, paying it forward.

  • Roses to the Corporation of Delta for brightening up the streets by planting flowers so often.

  • Roses to the City of Surrey for keeping our greenspace/park/forest in our neighbourhood mowed and clean. It’s sad that the municipality has to pick up all the neighbours’ trash so often. To all the maintenance workers who make it look natural and beautiful – thank you.

  • A garden full of roses to my wonderful neighbours Darcy and Tracey who came over after I was in a car accident and spent the day putting my garden in for me. I will never forget your kindness and will be enjoying the results of your labour all summer long. Thank you!

  • Roses to the City of Surrey for fixing our boulevard as promised. It looks fantastic.

  • A bouquet of roses to the kind handsome stranger at the dollar store who topped up my tab with some needed pocket jewelry. One act of random kindness a day changes 365 lives a year.

  • Roses to the majority of Surrey’s young people. The future is in good hands!

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  • Rotten tomatoes to the Now for allowing space to readers, on two counts, to spout off in regard to the labour dispute. They need to put themselves in the teachers’ shoes to realize the difficult job they are faced with!

  • Rotten tomatoes to those who still choose to ride their bikes on the sidewalk while the bike lane is a few feet away, forcing those walking to move out of their way.

  • If someone you know has shown up with two large, colourful moss hanging baskets of non-stop begonias, throw rotten tomatoes at them, because these were stolen from our front yard in North Delta on June 19. We displayed these lovely flowers for the pleasure of all, not for the profit of a thief on a bicycle. The police say these scumbags will take anything they can sell.

  • Rotten tomatoes to the neighbour who keeps dumping his yard waste in the neighbourhood park. Shame on you, especially after the city educated the neighbourhood with flyers on this topic. Use your green bin, that is what it’s for! Now we just have a ton of rats.

  • Rotten tomatoes to the person who complained about employees speaking in their own language. It’s not impolite or disrespectful! Just because you aren’t capable of listening to what they say, doesn’t mean everyone should stop speaking different languages and start speaking English! Some people aren’t very fluent in English. I thought B.C. was a multicultural province, I guess I’m wrong.

  • Rotten tomatoes to the Now for publishing racist rotten tomatoes to employees at produce stores for not speaking in English! This should not be a forum for racist remarks from ignorant people. Shame on them and the Now.

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