Roses and Rotten Tomatoes (March 12, 2015)


  • A bus full of red roses to the person who returned my wallet to Earl Marriott Secondary school after I left it on the 351 bus that goes to Crescent Beach. I really appreciate it. Thank you!

  • Lots of beautiful red roses to Edith and Arthur Public House. Their weekend breakfast specials are amazing!

  • A bouquet of red roses to wonderful Fresh Street Market for having the best food competitions and best groceries and samples. You are the best market a city can ever ask for! I hope you stay open forever.

  • Pink roses to the City of Surrey for planting cherry trees down 151A Street/Spencer Drive between 85th and 148th more than 30 years ago. Every year we enjoy beautiful pink blossoms. (But please stop pruning the trees and taking away the beautiful canopy we once had.)

  • Roses, roses and more roses to the surgical and recovery staff, Dr. Danilice and the nurses for everything they did for our aunty while in their care. Roses to Tori for going beyond her duty. Thank you for taking care of my parking meter.

  • I would like to put in a rose for Lori at Cloverdale Rec Centre for helping me get our kids into Spring Break Camp – she went above and beyond for us. Thanks!

  • Five maybe nine roses to people who appreciate live music and read books.

  • Roses to Meat Man in Clayton Heights. Best place to get your meat by far!

  • Roses to people who don’t air all their personal issues out on social media. As interesting as it to read a 60-comment thread detailing your family fight, it’s immature and disrespectful to those who follow you on Facebook. Whatever happened to picking up the phone?


  • A bushel of rotten tomatoes to the two women who chatted all through the White Rock Childrens’ Choir performance at St. Marks Church. Just because you were talking in a foreign language didn’t mean we couldn’t hear you. Very rude and inconsiderate behaviour.

  • Rotten tomatoes to the City of Surrey bylaw enforcement for not enforcing parking in residential areas. The regulations state "angle parking only if signs indicate." Why are four cars allowed to angle park when there are no signs indicating angle parking?

  • Rotten tomatoes to Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner for holding phoney spin meetings to support the transit tax. Only invited supporters are allowed. People aren’t stupid. Find your money somewhere else.

  • Rotten tomatoes to the Mayors’ Council for digging up Jim Pattison to oversee the transit tax collected if passed. That only proves their lack of ability to manage anything. They try to pass the buck to Jim Pattison who is one of British Columbia’s greatest and respected people – well, it won’t work.

  • Rotten tomatoes to the annoying people who had their cell-phone music turned on full blast without headphones while waiting at the Fraser Highway bus stop. No one wants to hear your music out loud – go home and do that! This is a public place – show some respect!

  • Hundreds of rotten tomatoes to the creepy older man who was leering and sneakily taking pictures of our daughter with a camera phone in Starbucks. She was too shocked to confront you, but next time she will take your picture and post it to Facebook to warn other young women about your shameful behaviour.

  • Tomatoes to smokers – especially those who have health issues and still smoke.

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