Roses and Rotten Tomatoes (March 26, 2015)


  • An interurban train full of roses to all the volunteers at the Fraser Valley Heritage Railway for their Interurban Volunteer Fair on Sunday (March 22) at the Cloverdale Station. It was most informative and interesting. The season starts on May 9 – I hope many people will come and enjoy the ride on the restored 1225 and see all the work happening on 1304. Thank you for a great volunteer fair.

  • Giant bouquets of beautiful roses to Adam, Joel, Sandeep, Diane, Tracy and all the staff at Save-On at Nordel Crossing. The community spirit in that store is nothing short of amazing. Store manager Adam leads by example.

  • Roses to the businesses on 152nd in South Surrey that I will no longer patronize thanks to the new traffic light. It’s not your fault, I know, but I refuse to coddle brainless pedestrians. Give them all the lights they want and they still jaywalk and fail to look even one way before stepping out into traffic. My trips will be shorter and lighter avoiding 152nd entirely.

  • Baskets of roses to the volunteers who do all the washing and ironing of collectible linens for the Kwatcha Group of the Peace Arch Hospital Auxilliary.

  • Dozens of roses to the staff and owners of North Delta’s Sundowner Pub, which has been a fixture in the community for more than three decades. The pub, which is closing its doors for good at the end of March, has played host to important meat-draw fundraisers that have helped local groups, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and also the kids of nearby Pinewood Elementary. Thank you for all your goodwill over the years.

  • Kudos to the staff member at the corner store on King George Boulevard who helped start my car when the battery died on a rainy night last week. Your assistance is very much appreciated!


  • Rotten tomatoes go out to the annoying border guards who ask too many questions. Why do you have to ask so many questions? Please stop!

  • Moldy tomatoes to everyone who thinks they own the sidewalk. Learn manners and move over when you see someone coming the other direction. I am sick and tired of moving over because you do not want to. If you can not learn basic sidewalk manners and form single file, do the rest of us a favour – walk down the middle of the traffic lane and expect a multi-ton vehicle to circumnavigate around you because you think you are special.

  • A bushel of sloppy tomatoes to you, yoga pants and legging hater. I’d rather be comfortable during my busy days, so thanks, but I doubt us yoga-pant enthusiasts care how you feel about our "sloppy, obscene" choice of clothing. We have lives after all.

  • I’d hand out roses to the dog owners who walk through Bell Park if, after bagging their dog’s poop, they would stop tossing the loaded bags to the side of the paths and walkways. Seriously people? The free disposable bags you use are right next to the garbage cans. Rotten tomatoes to those that can’t carry the load and dispose of it properly. I wish your dogs could train you!

  • Rotten tomatoes to all those phoney staged "Yes" supporters for the transit tax. Don’t be sucked into this baloney. This bunch is desperate and will stop at nothing to railroad the public. Say "No" to the tax. They have no ability to manage anything.

  • Rotten tomatoes to the critics who are telling us to vote "No" on more transit. I’ve been riding transit for many years now. I assure you that everyone will vote "Yes" and you will be the sore loser, proving you were wrong and we are right!

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