Season's greetings from Surrey RCMP's Officer in Charge

Season’s greetings from Surrey RCMP’s Officer in Charge

With the holiday season upon us, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful festive season. This time of year can be a busy one for emergency responders and so I encourage everyone to enjoy the holidays responsibly. Take the necessary precautions, especially on our roadways.

I would also like to thank the citizens of Surrey for their support and commitment to making Surrey a great place to live and work. The people in this city truly care about public safety and we have been pleased to work with so many of you throughout the year. As a resident of Surrey, a father, and your Officer in Charge, I am proud of the work we are doing together and look forward to connecting with more of you in the year ahead as we increase our community engagement and mobilization initiatives.

Each December, some of our police officers share their "Mountie Wish" for the community through our social media. My Mountie Wish is for every citizen of Surrey to take some time and give back to the community in whatever form they can to make someone else’s holidays that much brighter.

As always, emergency personnel will be working throughout the holidays to maintain community safety (please note the holiday hours for district offices and front-counter services).

On behalf of all of us at Surrey Detachment, best wishes for a safe and relaxing holiday season."

-W.C. (Bill) Fordy (pictured above), Chief Superintendent, Surrey RCMP Detachment


My Christmas wish is that we should realize how fortunate we are and to remember how lucky we are to be given this amazing life in this great country. I remind myself that we should be ready to do the work to

keep it great – do more and complain less. Our focus should be on the kids – how can we make their lives safer and more enjoyable.

-Sgt. Jet Sunner, District Commander

I went to a 911 call one Christmas Eve in 2006. When I got there at 0400 hours, the little girl, with her big tired eyes, told me that she called 911 because Santa had not arrived yet and she was worried. My Mountie Wish would be that every child could live in safe home where they can still believe in the magic of the holidays.

-Cst. Sarah Hunter

"Christmas is a time to share with your family and friends. Often that will involve Christmas cheer and alcohol. Plan ahead and choose not to drive when you drink. Don’t make a poor decision that could change your life or another’s forever."

-S/Sgt. Paul Mulvihill, Traffic Services

My Mountie Wish is to remind you to check your mail boxes daily, review your credit card statements and make sure that only YOU have made purchases, not someone else.

-Cst. Amber Briggs, Fraud Unit