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The Now Newspaper More info on the accused in the Julie Paskall case: Accused Paskall killer considered high risk to reoffend after Ontario conviction Sherry Cross So why was he able to get out, and leave that province..why didn’t they post warnings or something..or did they? Stephanie Turner true but look how many people here, locally, that are released and considered high risk to offend again Sherry Cross Yeah and they will put out a warning..I guess just not in all cases Shirley Gordon Sad state of our judicial system that he was even allowed out at all. Hopefully he will be sent away for the rest of his life this time.

Katrina Larsen It is like telling a kid you will count to 5, and if they don’t you will count to 5 again..

Why was there no consequences with any meaning used? Nancy McConnell I question that too Sherry, this happens alot these days, makes you wonder what kind of system we have.

Kirsch Bombe Ludicrous that he was free to move around and this time kill…