Taxpayers are already tapped out

Surrey – The Editor, Re: “Transit vote proves leadership unable to make decisions,” the Now letters, Jan. 27.

I agree with Allan Alton when he said we have leadership unable to make decisions. It used to be B.C. Transit and then they created another bureaucracy called TransLink.

We know what people think of them. They not only need to clearly define the need for this tax but I believe they should appoint an independent and highly competent person to oversee the efficient and fair distribution and implementation of this money that is raised – and not TransLink management.

Of course, that is if they get a “yes” vote. Taxpayers do expect our elected officials to lead and make decisions. Too

many times, to avoid making decisions or to avoid issues, they put them off for costly and time-wasting studies and reviews – or in this case, a transit referendum.

No matter what the outcome, the days of tax and spend must end and fiscal responsibility must be maintained by strong and competent leadership.

You can only go to the well so many times – and taxpayers are tapped out.

Fred Scarfe