Teacher’s licence suspended for bringing knife to class

SURREY – A former teacher at Port Kells Elementary who tipped a student out of their chair, rough housed with students and brought a knife to school has been reprimanded.

According to the B.C. Commissioner for Teacher Regulation, teacher Theo Sean Mallinson, who taught Grades 1 and 2 at

the Surrey elementary school, has had his teaching licence suspended for three months for inappropriate behavior involving students.

In a recently-released report, the commission details the incidents that led to Mallinson’s punishment. In January of this year, Mallinson lost his temper with a student and dumped her out of her chair onto the floor.

Other instances over the past few years

also note Mallinson engaged in play fighting, roughhousing and wrestling with intermediate students.

Mallinson also brought a Swiss Army Knife to class and showed it a kindergarten student, demonstrating how to use the knife’s screwdriver.

After that, the student then took the knife without Mallinson’s knowledge and proceeded to cut an apple and toilet paper.

When confronted about the knife

incident by the school’s principal, the commission notes that Mallinson became confrontational, speaking to her with profanity and in a disrespectful manner.

In report’s disposition, Mallinson admits that the incidents were true and resigned from his position at the end of June.

The suspension of Mallinson’s teacher’s licence will come into effect on Sept. 1. cpoon@thenownewspaper.com