The Way to Self-Compassion

The Way to Self-Compassion

George Mackie Library hosts workshop on depression, anxiety and self-loathing on May 3.

If you have ever felt you were inadequate or a failure, you are not alone.

These feelings can lead to depression, anxiety and self-loathing.

In celebration of Mental Health Week, the George Mackie Library (8840 112 St.) presents a workshop on where we can learn how to cultivate compassion for ourselves on Tuesday, May 3 from 3–4:30 p.m.

Join presenter Caer Weber at The Way to Self-Compassion, as she explains how our thinking is faulty in these modern times, and how it leads to so much pain for all of us.

Discover how we can liberate ourselves from some of our pain.

Weber has been developing and leading programs and workshops at the Mood Disorder Association of BC (MDABC) on self-care, self-compassion and mindfulness since February 2015.

Having suffered mental illness herself for many years, Weber sought ways of coming to terms with her condition and found that mindful self-compassion has helped her.

She is committed to teaching others these tools with the hope that more and more people can find that loving and forgiving ourselves for the way we are can eventually lead to self-liberation and a sense of well-being.

For more information, call 604-594-8155.

Surrey North Delta Leader

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