Whalley window walk offers visitors a charitable experience

Whalley window walk offers visitors a charitable experience

SURREY — The second annual Santa Window Walk in Whalley featured festive Christmas art decorations, live musical performances and local charitable causes in need.

The Santa Window Walk was started by the Surrey Downtown Business Improvement Association last year to combine all levels of the community by pairing local businesses, charities, and art students.

Along King George Boulevard between 104th and 108th Avenue participating businesses had their windows designed by local students that incorporated festive motifs along with a local charity.

Elizabeth Model, CEO of the Surrey Downtown BIA, said they expanded their efforts this year by getting more charities and businesses to participate.

"It’s really good to find out what these charities are doing, the great work they’re doing in Surrey for our citizens," she said.

The important part is just getting residents out walking around and experiencing what Whalley has on offer.

"There’s some real hidden gems in this area and people just don’t realize if they put their feet to the street and get out and walk you realize there’s some great businesses and ideas for Christmas and local ethnic stores as well. It’s wonderful to see."

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