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White Rock RCMP cautions against unauthorized pet 'rescues'

Call Bylaw Enforcement rather than breaking into vehicles to help pets, police advise
White Rock RCMP say only members, local police or BC SPCA special constables are authorized to break into vehicles to rescue pets in distress.

White Rock RCMP is urging pet owners to think about how to best take care of them as warmer summer weather arrives.

"Each year we receive numerous calls about animals left in vehicles," media relations officer Cst. Chantal Sears said in a release offering reminders from the RCMP province-wide in collaboration with BC SPCA not to lock animals in cars during hot weather.

But among the advice comes a caution from police to the public not to break car windows in an attempt to help animals inside.

"Only RCMP, local police and BC SPCA special constables have the authority to enter a vehicle lawfully to help a pet in distress," the release states.

"Not only are you putting yourself at risk when you break a glass window, but you also risk harming the (animal)."

"While most people mean well when they say they'd be willing to break a glass window to get an animal out of a roasting vehicle, it's strongly recommended you don't," Sears added.

"In White Rock, if you have a complaint, (want to suggest) investigation or (have) any issues relating to animals (including dogs or exotic animals), contact Bylaw Enforcement at 604-541-2146, or email"


Alex Browne

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