Zombie Walk set for Fort Langley on Saturday, Oct. 4

Zombie Walk set for Fort Langley on Saturday, Oct. 4

FORT LANGLEY — Zombielovers take heart (and brain, and spleen, and kidney): The Fort Langley Zombie Walk, hosted by the Fort Langley Art Studio, is back with a zombie-fest built around the Oct. 4 walk.

Organizers of the event and owners of the Fort Langley Studio, Laura Murphy and Curtis Zondag are setting up the undead festival in the parking lot of the studio at #101-9103 Glover Rd., Fort Langley.

"It’s going to be a little more fun this year," Murphy said. "It’s all going to be set up in our parking lot. What we could use is some more volunteers to help out on the day, to keep everything and everyone organized and safe."

The walk itself is at 3 p.m., with zombie activities before and after."It (the walk) runs outside of the graveyard," she added.

"So people get the great photos."

Last year’s event was a surprising zombie love-in, with 10 times the numbers showing up than had been expected.

"We were thinking we were lucky if 30 people showed up, and 300 showed up," Murphy noted.

To help combat the extensive make-up line that occurred last year, additional makeup artists will be on hand by noon to create appropriately slack-jawed, vacant expressions on participants.

"It’s by donation," Murphy said of the makeup station.

Also on site will be representatives from the Evil Dead musical, with pre-sales of tickets and free tickets as prizes.

A Thriller dance troupe will perform after the walk is over.

"We also have something really fun we’re setting up in the gallery," Murphy added.

Waldo and Tubbs Pet Food and Supplies will bring a few friends in the way of snakes, tarantulas, and chameleons for zombies to pose with for photos by donation.

Donated funds go towardcovering costs of the walk and festival.

Popcorn and baked goods will be available for purchase at the event.

The walk is slightly longer this year and hits mostly commercial areas focusing primarily on Glover Road.

"We’re just really hoping we have as many families as we did last year," Murphy noted.

"We had a really good range of ages. We love Fort Langley and we hope everyone has fun."

To volunteer or find out more about the Zombie Walk, contact Murphy or Zondag at 604-371-2899 or info@fortlangleystudio.com.