For sale: Craigslist, for a song

For sale: Craigslist, for a song

An Arts Club Theatre production based on the intimacies and oddities of online ads comes to Surrey.

Interested in an autographed copy of the Bible? How about a mounted lobster?

With more than 700 local sites in 70 countries, over 20 billion page-views, and 50 million new ads posted monthly, Craigslist has become a treasured online site where we are sanctioned to share our needs, wants, and offerings.

Composer Veda Hille and the CBC’s Bill Richardson were inspired to explore what humanity has to offer on Craigslist, and turned it into sidesplitting musical fare with Do You Want What I Have Got? A Craigslist Cantata.

Featuring the original songs 300 Stuffed Penguins, Chilli Eating Buddy, Decapitated Dolls, and more, A Craigslist Cantata is 90 minutes of quick-witted and heartfelt spoken text and song.

This audience favourite will ‘log in’ to Surrey Arts Centre’s Main Stage (13750 88 Ave.) from Oct. 9-20.


Surrey North Delta Leader