He saw her standing there: Paul McCartney’s onstage autograph completes Surrey woman’s big Beatles tattoo

Knighted pop singer brings fans into spotlight Tuesday night in Vancouver

Tattoo artist Travis Erlandson traces Paul McCartney's autograph on Jennifer Cormack's back at White Rock Tattoo on Wednesday morning (April 20).

Tattoo artist Travis Erlandson traces Paul McCartney's autograph on Jennifer Cormack's back at White Rock Tattoo on Wednesday morning (April 20).

SURREY — Jennifer Cormack finally got Paul McCartney’s autograph permanently inked on her skin.

The Surrey resident, a massive Beatles fan, has spent four years in pursuit of having the Fab Four band member sign her back, in order to complete a large tattoo that salutes the British rock icons.

Her dream came true Tuesday night (April 19) at Rogers Arena in Vancouver.

Near the end of McCartney’s three-hour concert, Cormack, along with family and friends, were whisked to the stage and stood in the spotlights while the knighted pop singer autographed various areas of their skin.

“We had signs asking him for his (autograph), and we were all dressed in Sgt. Peppers outfits, naturally,” Cormack said.

“During the encore, his road manager came and grabbed us and said, ‘Follow me,’ down to the side of the stage,” she continued. “We were all standing there, nine of us, and it was just surreal.

(Pictured: Jen Cormack gets tattooed by Travis Erlandson at White Rock Tattoo on Wednesday)

“At first I couldn’t find my Sharpie, and I had seven of them in my purse, different sizes, just in case, all brand new,” Cormack continued with a laugh. “So I dug for a pen and then it all just happened. He likes to bring people up at every show, and he’s telling the crowd that, and then we all shuffled up there.”


The following morning (Wednesday), Cormack was at White Rock Tattoo having the special autograph permanently inked on her back by tattoo artist Travis Erlandson, who also did her pre-existing Beatles-inspired tattoo.

Cormack, who lives in the Royal Heights area of Surrey, has been to four of McCartney’s concerts in pursuit of his autograph, including his 2012 show at B.C. Place Stadium.

“I’ve always hoped it would happen, and it did,” she said with a smile as Erlandson traced McCartney’s autograph with a tattoo gun.

(Pictured: McCartney’s autograph before it was permanently tattooed on Jen Cormack’s shoulder area.)

Cormack road-manages a Beatles tribute band called The Fab Fourever, and the band’s “Paul,” Jody Tennant, was among those on stage with her on Tuesday night.

Tennant had McCartney autograph his left arm, and others were also inked by McCartney as concert-goers watched and cheered.

“We were looking for a place to get (the autographs) tattooed last night, but they were all going this afternoon,” Cormack explained. “My manager at work was nice enough to let me get it done this morning.”

Cormack had a sleepless night after Tuesday’s concert, and was invited back to the arena for a second McCartney concert tonight (Wednesday).

“The show was phenomenal,” she said. “He puts on such a great show for close to three hours. And because of the (autograph), you just can’t top this one.”