The event features Halloween fun for adults and children; tickets can be purchased online. (Potter’s House of Horrors/Facebook)

The event features Halloween fun for adults and children; tickets can be purchased online. (Potter’s House of Horrors/Facebook)

Potter’s features ‘labyrinth-like’ haunted houses and Halloween escape room

The event features haunted houses for adults and children until Nov. 2

Potter’s House of Horrors is in its 17th year of operation offering a live-theatre haunted event for adults and children looking for spooky Halloween fun.

“We started out real, real small and have grown into the monster that lays before you,” said organizer Chris Pershick, emphasizing the pun.

Adults will find themselves navigating a “labyrinth-like” layout made up of several rooms and displays connected by “dark twisty hallways” as they make their way through the haunted houses.

House of Horrors is on until Nov. 2 located at 12530 72nd Ave. in Surrey; a complete schedule of times for the different activities can be found on Potters’ website.

The site holds two haunted houses; Devil’s Descent which features rickety mineshafts, industrial machines and wandering ghouls and monsters; and new this year is the Death Valley Motor Inn.

“Coincidentally, it aligns perfectly with Quentin Tarantino’s new movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, said Pershick. “It has the retro, late ‘60s early ‘70s feel of an old creepy motel filled with horrible, horrible things.”

Parents looking to bring their children can purchase tickets for Li’l Haunters, a child-friendly event that is on a separate part of the property.

“It has two small haunted houses, a ball toss, pumpkins, hay bales and all that fun sort of stuff,” said Pershick. “It’s really cute and a lot of fun and not scary at all. It’s character-based so there’s often different costumed characters walking around such as Pokemon characters or popular video game characters.”

Also, back again this year is the escape room.

“The premise is that you’re in a burning building and need to escape as fast as you can before it collapses,” said Pershick. “It was quite the task to put it all together, but we’re so happy people are enjoying it.”

Planning for the annual scare starts as soon as the event wraps up each year. After the Halloween season ends, organizers go over the highs and lows in preparation for next year, by mid summer House of Horrors is under production.

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“Scott Pasternak, our head designer, is the ultimate fan of horror movies… there is no one around that knows more about the horror genre than him,” said Pershick. “His passion for horror movies is what sets the tone for the event. He leads, and we follow.”

Organizers strongly suggest thrill seekers purchase their tickets in advance online and suggest coming during the week to avoid the line-ups.

Parking at the site is free, and line-ups are mostly indoors. The event also hosts a concession for visitors.

For more information and to purchase tickets visit


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