THREE THINGS TO DO THIS WEEK: Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ album played live in Surrey on Saturday night (Feb. 18)

Also: Ahfomad festival of African arts, plus a Black History Month at Surrey Museum

Drawings on the back cover of Pink Floyd's The Wall album.

Drawings on the back cover of Pink Floyd's The Wall album.

1. This Saturday night (Feb. 18) at Surrey Arts Centre’s main stage, a charity-minded band called Our Project will be “Bringing Down the Wall” in a benefit concert for the Sarah McLachlan School of Music, a Vancouver-based organization that announced an expansion into Surrey in the fall of 2015. Tickets are $35 for the show, which will feature the music of Pink Floyd’s iconic “The Wall” album, from start to finish – no simple task for the musicians involved, which include Surrey councillor Bruce Hayne on keyboards. For more details, call 604-501-5566 or visit Also, CLICK HERE to read more about the concert, in a Now story posted in January.

2. At Surrey City Hall’s Centre Stage theatre and atrium, African music, dance and culture will be celebrated and showcased on Saturday (Feb. 18) during Ahfomad, a festival that takes place from noon to 8 p.m. The one-day event will feature food, crafts, music and more, with performances by David J. David, Desiree Dawson, Sister Says and other artists. Tickets are priced at $15, via or call 604-501-5566. More festival details are posted at, or CLICK HERE for tickets.

3. Black History Month will be marked at Surrey Museum on Saturday afternoon (Feb. 18, 1 to 4 p.m.) during “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,” billed as a “lively event (that) will highlight the contributions of the black community in music, sport, politics, human rights and invention,” according to event planners. Expect all kinds of good music, free non-alcoholic ginger beer and Jamaican patties, dance performances and more. For more info, call 604-592-6956.