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Stargaze for a night at Aldergrove park

Metro Vancouver Regional Parks returns for another weekend of camping under the stars July 4 to 6
Metro Vancouver Regional Parks expanded annual stargazing event to include a weekend of overnight camping at Aldergrove Regional Park.

What happens when stars die and their dust travels across the universe? 

That's the question people will have the opportunity to learn the answer to at an upcoming event which provides an immersive experience camping under the stars at Aldergrove Regional Park, and learning how to identify constellations, and hear cultural stories about the night sky. 

This event, We Are Stardust, is annually hosted by Metro Vancouver Regional Parks, and was created during the pandemic to provide people an opportunity to stargaze in an intimate setting, explained Doug Petersen, division manager of parks east area. 

New this year, due to the event's popularity, is the camping overnight component to further extend the stargazing experience. 

There will also be small group activities led by park interpreters. 

"It is designed to concentrate on the night sky without additional entertainment, and given the high fire risks, we ask that participants enjoy dinner at home before attending," Petersen said. 

Kids aged seven or older and adults must register for the event ahead of time. Adults are $20 each, and children and seniors are $10 each. 

The event takes place Friday, July 5, to Saturday, July 6. 

Camping opens at 8:30 p.m. and ends 10 a.m. the next day. Activities and stargazing run until midnight. 

Tickets can be booked online at

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