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Surrey council bounces Bose from two boards

Surrey First Councillor Mike Bose says the vote 'came out of left field'
Surrey City Hall

Surrey First Councillor Mike Bose has been voted out of two board appointments by his council peers.

"I don't know what it was all about," Bose told the Now-Leader on Tuesday. "I thought I was doing a good job. It came out of left field. I'm disappointed, but you know that's the nature of the business.

"It caught me completely by surprise."

Surrey Connect Coun. Pardeep Kooner initiated the purge at the end of the June 25 regular council meeting, under "other business."

Kooner successfully moved that council remove Bose as a director on Metro Vancouver's board of directors and remove Surrey Connect Coun. Doug Elford as an alternate, to instead appoint Elford to the board of directors with four votes and appoint Bose and Nagra as alternate directors on a rotating basis.

The vote was taken with no discussion, with Bose voting in opposition. 

Kooner then moved that council remove Bose as a director on the Lower Fraser Valley Association Board and appoint Stutt in his stead, with a term ending on Oct. 31, 2026. 

Again there was no discussion, with Bose and Elford opposed.

While it's money out of his pocket, Bose said "I don't do the job for the money. I don't take it personally, it's part of the job."

Bose was on the Cloverdale Rodeo board for two years. "It's just a volunteer position. That one hurts a little bit more because it's always been a passion of mine. I'm a big fan of the rodeo, and the country fair and exhibition. It doesn't preclude me from volunteering in the future and helping with rodeos."

Asked what brought her motions on, Kooner told the Now-Leader that "In my opinion, it's just fair to give everybody a chance to be on the board for Metro and we have enough spots that everyone should get a round on it."

Meantime, Bose remains on the City's environment committee, agricultural advisory and food policy committee. "I do climate change at Metro Vancouver as well as Electoral Area A and flood resiliency."

Kooner noted that the Metro positions are paid per meeting. "I also believe he's on three other committees at Metro," she said.

She said her motions weren't politically motivated. "Not that I'm aware of," she said, "because he's still on the committees, which are also paid, so.

"For example, I'm on one committee and I was on the board. So that's two meetings a month, but he was on three committees and the board, which is four meetings a month."






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