Chill Pill Reviews – Effective Relief for Stress and Deeper Sleep?

Insomnia is a health condition where people cannot sleep, stay asleep or not get enough restful siestas. Over time inadequate sleep causes other ailments such as diabetes, overweight, and hypertension. Some lifestyle and behavioral changes can improve sleep patterns, and the quality and administration of electrotherapy can treat insomnia. The common symptoms of insomnia are inability to fall asleep, waking up at midnight, or getting up earlier than preferred. These individuals feel irritated, fatigued all throughout the day, and cannot concentrate. Sleeplessness can last long, or episodes can be short; there are two kinds; short-term and chronic.

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70 million Americans

A major reason for short-term insomnia is stress, and it lasts for a few weeks to days. The period for chronic insomnia range from weeks to three or more months, and the episodes occur more than thrice a week. Sleep disorder is common in developed economies. Around seventy million Americans suffer from it. 33 to 50% of adult American citizens have sleeplessness symptoms, while 10 to 15% of the population have chronic insomnia connected to impairment. With convenience in modern society, anxiety is a byproduct that cripples millions. Anxiety plays havoc; people may experience faster heartbeat, professed perspiration, and difficulty in inhalation.

7 to 9 hrs. sleep

Seven to nine hours of sleep per day is considered adequate for most adult beings. But to provide the desired effect, the amount of sleep varies from person to person; both quality and quantity are important. People who want refuge from work and relationship pressure often start consuming alcohol or other substances. This substance abuse can cause insomnia; other environmental, psychological and physiological factors can cause sleeplessness. Anxiety, depression, chronic pain, certain disease like cancer, hormonal imbalance during menopause, and menstruation can cause sleeplessness. People suffering from insomnia often tend to consume sleeping pills. Over time they get dependent on it with potential health hazards.

Mind follows body

If the body is unperturbed, the mind is tranquil. Psychotherapists often practice this method to soothe anxious patients. Chill Pill is designed to manifest this effect on patients; it stimulates the electrical mechanism of the body to calm down the body and brain. In this therapeutic approach, the mind is soothed, and the person slowly dozes off. The system of the device is safe with no side effects; whenever you feel stressed, have a pill, and your body and mind relax. The product is inexpensive and reliable and improves your overall well-being.

More common among women

Insomnia is more common among women than men as a hormonal imbalance occurs during pregnancy, menopause, premenstrual syndrome, and menstruation. Sleeplessness is more prevalent among aged people above sixty because of biological changes and medications to treat various diseases. When a person does not have sufficient sleep, there are symptoms like irritation, lethargy, and lower concentration, memory struggle at work, social interactions, and relationships. There is no benchmark test to diagnose insomnia; doctors ask questions and perform a physical exam to detect and treat sleep disorders.

Low frequency (≤1Ma) current

The product is a handheld device designed to treat insomnia through electrotherapy. It is a non-invasive neuromodulation administrating low frequency (≤1Ma) to stimulate neurochemicals in the brain. The feeble current alters the cell membrane potential and neuron excitability, activating certain neurotransmitters and hormones in the brain associated with insomnia, depression, and anxiety. A study shows electrotherapy can improve insomnia rate by 50 to 93% in people suffering from sleep disorders due to psychological factors like stress. This method is beneficial for athletes as often they are stressed before the competition and consume sleeping drugs that can result in doping. Electrotherapy is a safe and effective option for drugs inducing sleep.

4 types of brain waves

It is clinically recognized that electrotherapy stimulation decreases anxiety; the human body is an intricate network of energy and electricity; for optimal function, the neurotransmitters send and receive a message to the brain from various body parts. The device induces equilibrium in the nervous and energy system that soothes erratic and rapid brain impulses. Brain waves are categorized in four spectrums measured in Hertz (Hz); Delta below 4Hz, Theta 4-7Hz, Alpha 8-13, and Beta 14Hz and above. As the Alpha band becomes flatter, the person tends to feel drowsy. As per modern psychologists, sleep has four stages; drowsiness, light sleep, deep sleep, and very deep sleep. As the person falls into light sleep, theta waves become more prominent than alpha waves.

Elegant and aesthetic design

The design of the device is sleek and fits inside your palm; this makes it portable and sometimes unnoticeable. The product can be used anywhere in a bedroom, office, conference, or while traveling. Whenever you feel stress creeping up, hold the middle button until it glows. It starts sending low-frequency current that soothes your brain and body. The device remains operative for twenty hours when fully charged; one hour is needed to charge the batteries. Moreover, the product is safe to use as there is no possibility of electrocution or burns. The design is contemporary and aesthetic; the shape is oval, and it appears like a mouse. The small device saves you from many embarrassing situations, as no one can notice you becoming anxious or stressed.


The device stimulates electrotherapy to treat depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Recent studies show brain impulses affect neurotransmitters that control one’s mood, cognition, emotions, and sleep. Stress and anxiety hamper the proper functioning electrical activity of the brain; consequently, hormones and neurotransmitter levels do not remain at the optimal point. This is a safe alternative to sleeping pills and is approved by the FDA. The electrochemical impulses generated by the brain control whether one is awake or asleep. The handheld device produces a low-intensity current that targets the brain in a specific spectrum called a waveform. The current is too feeble to experience but modules the electrochemical signals of the brain at an optimal level.

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You can purchase Chill Pill from the official website, where you can avail of a heavy discount. The product comes with a sixty days return policy, but the item must be in original packaging with the purchase receipt. The product is not suitable for persons with cardiac issues, carpal tunnel syndrome, and pregnant women. The device is a safe, economical, non-invasive method to treat stress, anxiety, and insomnia. It is a flexible, effective tool to treat short-term and chronic insomnia.






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