The ELTT Program (Entry Level Trades Training) can give you a jumpstart on a rewarding career.

The ELTT Program (Entry Level Trades Training) can give you a jumpstart on a rewarding career.

Energize a rewarding career in the electrical trades!

Are you eager to start a rewarding career in the electrical trades and looking for programs that will help get you off to a running start?

The Electrical Joint Training Committee (EJTC), as part of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 213 and the Electrical Contractors Association of British Columbia (ECABC), offers pre-apprenticeship, apprenticeship and journey person upgrading in the electrical trades. They are also part of the BC Building Trades College, a ‘collective’ of union trade schools.

An ongoing shortage and need for tradespeople in B.C. means an estimated 64,000 additional tradespeople will be needed over the next 10 years.

“An increasing number of ‘baby boomers’ will be retiring over the next handful of years,” says EJTC Administrative Supervisor Rosa Riordan. “This opens up a huge opportunity for young people to enter the electrical trades and fill this labour gap.”

“At EJTC we’re committed to being a part of helping solve the current shortage of electrical trades workers in B.C.”

Courses are held at the Electrical Green Skills Campus in Port Coquitlam, their new state-of-the-art training facility and B.C.’s showcase for future training, research and products related to green and sustainable energy.

Electrical Foundation – ELTT Program (Entry Level Trades Training)

The first step in an electrician’s training is the Entry Level Trades Training course, combining electrical theory and practical electrician training to prepare you for an apprenticeship in the electrical construction industry.

The program provides students who complete the 15 weeks of technical training with 10 weeks paid work experience. Placement is with the Electrical Contractors Association’s member companies associated with EJTC and IBEW Local 213.

Upon completing the course, you’ll receive a certificate and credit for Level 1 technical training related to the Construction Electrician (Electrical) apprenticeship program. The EJTC can then select full-time apprenticeship candidates from program graduates, based upon work availability.

“Unlike other foundation programs at schools like BCIT and Sprott Shaw, we do provide successful participants of the ELTT program access to union contractors,” Riordan says.

EJTC provides electrical trades training and employment opportunities for anyone.

EJTC provides electrical trades training and employment opportunities for anyone.

A commitment to diversity

EJTC is committed to providing the best in technical training for the electrical trades, and employment opportunities for everybody, including women, Indigenous people and newcomers to Canada.

“We’re proud to say the electrical trades apprenticeship pool is 13 per cent women,” Riordan says. “It stands out from other trades, and we hope it shows our commitment to making opportunities in the trades available to everyone.”

A career in the electrical trades offers good benefits, higher union wages and opportunities to work in industries like green energy, automation, security, construction, maintenance, industrial, marine and residential.

“The electrical trades offer a comfortable life for your family and the choice of being your own boss,” Riordan says. “It’s also the kind of job where you use both your head and your hands and need to use critical thinking – it’s never boring!”

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