Future Launch

How one company is empowering the youth of today for the jobs of tomorrow

RBC Future Launch bridges the gap for youth entering the workforce

Have you ever felt like you’ve been thrown into something without adequate preparation? Well, for youth entering today’s workforce, that feeling is all too familiar.

To bridge the gap between education and employment, RBC has created the Future Launch.

“Our youth are the future of Canada and the future of our economy. Preparing these young individuals for the work environment is crucial, which is why we’ve made it a priority,” notes Amanjit Bains, Mortage Specialist and RBC Future Launch champion. “The bottom line is, we need this next generation to be prepared – they’re part of our expanding work environment! Being a leader in providing youth with job readiness skills has been absolutely amazing for RBC.”

Get to know Future Launch

Future Launch is built on four pillars designed to allow you to gain new skills, grow your network, get work experience and enhance your mental well-being. If you’re feeling anxious or unprepared about entering the workforce, you’re not alone. While can be difficult to integrate what you’ve learned into a work environment, RBC is helping you prepare!

The related programs, tools and resources offer insight into what normally isn’t taught in school. For example:

  • How to develop an “elevator pitch” to introduce yourself to potential contacts
  • Mentorship with industry experts to prepare for your professional future
  • Skills to add to your personal and professional toolbox, including financial literacy, such as building a good credit score and saving.

Ready to learn more?

To experience firsthand the confidence-building Future Launch program, visit their website today! You don’t need to be an RBC client to take advantage of the educational resources – everybody is welcome.

“We want you to be yourself and share what makes you unique. We’ll help you access tools and programs that will develop your skills and understand that everything you’ve done in your life, every volunteer job, every aspect, it’s all allowed you to have certain skills under your belt and we’re here to help you highlight them!” Bains notes.

Amanjit Bains, Mortage Specialist and RBC Future Launch champion.

Amanjit Bains, Mortage Specialist and RBC Future Launch champion.