PawSafe Calming Dog Bed Reviews: Is It Legit or Waste of Money?

As per a recent survey, a little over 70% of dogs worldwide exhibit anxiety-like behavior. Additionally, the average adult dog sleeps 12 to 14 hours each day. Unfortunately, pet anxiety can result in behavioral concerns and a lower quality of life for many pets. Whether you have a rescue dog, a puppy with separation anxiety, or an anxious and excitable pet in general, many dogs require additional attention. In this sense, a calming dog bed can be the ideal technique for soothing your canine companions.

Calming dog beds are specially created to help dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds relax. Frequently, they incorporate memory foam, elevated edges, and coverings to make anxious dogs feel safe and comfortable. Calming products for pets are relatively new to the market compared to other sorts of pet products. In the past few years, pet beds have been designed and made expressly to ease tension and anxiety. “PawSafe Relaxing Bed” is one such calming bed.

As per PawSafe, the spherical shape and raised borders of the PawSafe soothing bed are intended to resemble the sensation of a mother dog’s body. Your dog will feel comfortable and secure when snuggled against the smooth contours, as if it were enveloped in a comforting embrace. This calming bed makes dogs of all sizes feel relaxed and at ease.

This thorough PawSafe Calming Bed Review will help anyone make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase this dog bed.

Let’s begin with the review!

What is PawSafe Calming Bed?

The majority of the time, anxiety and depression in pets can be alleviated with a better night’s sleep, which is where the PawSafe Calming Pet Bed comes in. This dog bed is a revolutionary new dog bed that has gone viral across the globe. This relaxing dog bed incorporates cutting-edge scientific technology that promotes a happier, healthier life for pets. The company uses the highest-quality, most durable, and most comfortable materials. This comprises microfibers, taffeta, bamboo, oxford, and nylon.

The PawSafe Calming Dog Bed resembles an expensive pillow, but the intriguing design does much more than give your four-legged friend a fun place to take a snooze. The rounded corners and raised rim provide your pup with a cozy place to get comfy and take a nap. This also promotes a sense of security and calmness, especially considering that PawSafe only uses the softest, most lasting fabrics to provide your pet with the comfort they deserve for years to come.


Usage Guide:

The PawSafe Calming bed is ideal for dogs that enjoy nesting, as it combines the security of barrier walls with the comfort of a plush pillow. The company’s objective was to create the ideal pet beds that improve the anti-anxiety impact. The PawSafe Calming bed is also incredibly user-friendly.

Here’s how to use it:

Firstly, check out the size table when selecting a bed for your dog. There are S, M, and L sizes for dogs weighing between 0 and 60 pounds.

There is no experience in assembly necessary for using the Calming Dog bed. Simply arrange the bed anywhere your dog enjoys napping. It is also convenient for vehicle trips.

Observe as your dog’s anxiety disappears, and they reap the advantages of a good night’s sleep on a bed that supports canine behavior and body shape.

Where to buy:

The PawSafe Calming Bed is available exclusively online. One relaxing dog bed can be purchased at $34.95 per unit. It is not offered at other retail locations. Your bed order will be processed and dispatched from a US storage location through USPS, UPS, or FedEx within one business day after submitting your request. Your products must be delivered within two to five service days. PawSafe wants to ensure your complete satisfaction with the purchase of a calming dog bed. If you or your pet are unhappy with the relaxing bed, you may return it within 90 days for a full refund. Simply contact the customer service team, and they will provide the necessary assistance.

  • Email Address: support@pawsafe.com
  • Contact us Form: https://pawsafe.com/pages/contact-us


The PawSafe Calming bed can assist in calming and grounding your pet. This principle is familiar to therapists, who have utilized it for decades to alleviate anxiety. The elevated edge of the bed provides a sense of protection. It positively stimulates the pet’s nervous system, allowing them to settle down more quickly, relax more easily, and sleep more soundly. It is perfect for pets who enjoy curling up! The elevated rim gives head and neck support, while the ultra-plush filling provides relief from joint and muscle pain.

Over a million dogs have been tested on the PawSafe Calming bed. This displays the quality of the product. The primary selling feature of the PawSafe relaxing bed is its simplicity of care. The cushion, wall color, and foam core are all separately launderable. The PawSafe relaxing dog beds are portable enough to travel with you. Smaller sizes are effortlessly collapsible and can be stored in standard-sized luggage and automobiles. Additionally, it is good for lengthy road trips to reduce automobile anxiety.

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