Pawan Sohi, owner of of P.S. Sohi Inc., is committed to client and staff safety, the environment and the community as a whole.

Pawan Sohi, owner of of P.S. Sohi Inc., is committed to client and staff safety, the environment and the community as a whole.

Stronger together: supporting Surrey small businesses means better communities for everyone

Keeping going during the pandemic meant making changes in how nearly everything is done. For many small businesses it became necessary to get creative to continue providing clients and customers with excellent service while making sure employees were safe.

TELUS’s #StandWithOwners program is supporting Canadian small businesses through the pandemic by providing direct revenue, marketing and expert advice.

“The Canadian economy needs a thriving small-business community to rise from the COVID-19 crisis,” notes Roi Ross, Vice-President of Marketing at TELUS. “Owners not only drive the economy forward, but their businesses are the heartbeat of our beloved neighbourhoods. The #StandWithOwners campaign celebrates and promotes this critical role that owners play in our local communities from coast to coast.”

Chartered Professional Accountant Pawan Sohi, owner of P.S. Sohi Inc., is a small-business owner who helps drive the economy forward by providing services to individuals and other businesses. At the same time, Sohi is committed to client and staff safety, the environment and the community as a whole.

Evolution through creativity

While the pandemic presented a threat to the livelihoods of owners, their families and their employees, it also brought evolving business practices to suit a new normal.

Sohi knew changes were needed to continue serving clients while keeping staff safe. Like many businesses, it became necessary to use electronic platforms, but because they’re dealing with sensitive financial information, it meant finding secure platforms that allowed staff to work remotely and seamlessly.

Adapt, adopt and improve

For Sohi, the environmental considerations of doing business in what is traditionally a paper-heavy industry have always been an important consideration.

“I prefer being a paperless office – we’ve been paperless from day one!” Most people would expect to find a bank of filing cabinets in an accounting office, but there isn’t one to be seen in Pawan’s business. Apart from saving paper, this forward-thinking business platform has several less-obvious advantages. Because everything is stored on a server, it takes seconds to pull up a file. Sharing those files with clients occurs at the touch of a button too. Electronic documents sent via email means less trips in a vehicle for clients, as well as saving clients precious travel time.

Community first

Sohi extends his environmental consciousness to community consciousness. Giving back is important and services are provided free to several local not-for-profits, allowing these important community programs to put more of the money received from donors toward the programs and services they provide.

“Bookkeeping is a necessary part of running any charity, but it’s an expense that eats into the donations they receive,” Sohi says.

For businesses like Sohi’s TELUS’s #StandWithOwners campaign has meant that they are here to serve their community, driving the economy forward and making the community a better place overall.

To learn more about TELUS’s #StandWithOwners campaign, check out the website here. Find more on Facebook here.

Contact P.S. Sohi Inc at 778-578-1100 or find them at 205-8788 120th St., Surrey, BC.

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