Butt out or pay in Delta parks

Delta passes a sweeping bylaw prohibiting smoking in all public parks and open spaces

Delta's Watershed Park

Delta's Watershed Park

Delta residents will have to cough up $200 if found smoking in public parks.

Delta council passed a bylaw last month prohibiting smoking in “all of Delta parks and open spaces.”

Ken Kuntz, Delta’s director of parks said in a report to council that it will “help contribute to and promote a healthy, smoke-free society.”

The bylaw defines a park or municipal land as “play areas, play lots, play fields, trails, public squares, walkways, opens spaces and other places, including recreation or other cultural facilities.”

Those found in violation face a $200 municipal fine.

Smoke free zones under the bylaw also include commercial establishments, restaurants, places of employment, malls and casinos.

Owners of those facilities also face a $200 fine for allowing people to smoke.

The bylaw was endorsed by Delta council on Nov. 24.


Surrey North Delta Leader