Car slams into Newton bedroom on Thursday

Car slams into Newton bedroom on Thursday

Car smashes into Newton bedroom

Fortunately no one was injured in Surrey crash as person who uses bedroom was in Toronto.

A car slammed into a Surrey home and into a downstairs bedroom overnight. Fortunately, the person who normally sleeps there was in Toronto at the time.

There were no other injuries.

Shortly after midnight July 10, a black Chrysler 300 barrelled into a house at 12244 78 Ave., crashing though the wall and sailing into a downstairs bedroom.

A pair of young men in the car got out, walked through the house and ran from the scene.

A neighbour saw one of them and gave pursuit, even following the suspect by cab, all the while calling in locations to the police.

An 18-year-old male was detained as a subject of interest and is being questioned.

Police say the person in custody is the son of the registered owner of the Chrysler.

Police visited the registered owner, who said he had no idea if someone had used his car. He had not reported it stolen, however.

As the registered owner, he was given $564 in tickets, one for driving without consideration ($196) and another for failing to remain at the scene of an accident ($368).

Police are still looking for a second youth who was also reportedly in the car when it smashed into the house.


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