Coal facility seems to be done deal already

Surrey – The Editor, It is really disconcerting to hear that Penny Priddy is probably the only voice of reason on the board of directors of Port Metro Vancouver. The other 10 most likely obey the dictates of their raison d’etre, the government in Ottawa, without concern for the local citizenry who will be impacted by their decisions.

Why do I get this gut feeling, they have been told that no matter how long it takes or how many hoops you have to jump through, eventually you must approve the coal transfer station at Fraser Surrey Docks? Ignore the fact the Americans have refused to ship this U.S. thermal coal through its ports, open coal cars and barges impacting our environment and being a significant contributor to pollution in China, to say nothing of global warming. It truly would be a miracle if they had the courage to refuse to approve the permit application..

I wonder if this is printed, will it get me on Mr. Harper’s recently revealed “naughty list”? And here I thought Canada was a democracy. Silly me.

David Gibbs