Delta Police warn about cop impersonator scam

DELTA — Delta Police have received six reports of fraud where criminals pretending to be police officers call up potential victims, asking cash in exchange for making a supposed warrant for their arrest go away.

“These scams prey on the public’s fear of being arrested,” Sgt. Sarah Swallow said. “We really want to warn the public that this scam has surfaced again, and remind people that police agencies do not offer the option to pay your way out of an arrest warrant.”

The scammers have been telling people they have outstanding warrants for unpaid debt, missed jury duty or some minor infraction, and that a fine is due.

“The callers try to convince people to make payments by wiring money through convenience stores or sometimes through pre-paid credit cards, and then threaten to arrest the victims and put them in jail if they do not pay within a specified amount of time,” Swallow said.

She said people who get this kind of call should ask for the alleged officer’s badge number and name and then call the police department for verification.

“Never wire transfer money to someone you do not know,” Swallow said.