Glitches on school sites send visitors Down Under

DELTA – Recent visitors to Delta’s public schools websites through Google have been getting an unexpected education in Australian women’s footwear. While the Delta School District’s main website does not appear to have been affected, the schools’ own particular websites have.


On Tuesday and Wednesday, visitors to these school sites were immediately flipped over to and what looks to be an online shopping page featuring, among other items, an advertisement for Australia Women Boot.


Delta schools’ spokeswoman Cindy Anderson said the district has also been experiencing problems with its servers, and emails being bounced.


"Our IT guys will get on it right away," she said.


Anderson recommended that people trying to visit the schools’ websites access them through the district’s main website. "That’s the umbrella website." Last week, Fraser Health was also experiencing computer system problems from Surrey to Chilliwack.


"It’s been corrected," Fraser Health spokeswoman Tasleem Juma said Wednesday. She said upgrades were being done to its technical infrastructure, "and as can happen with technology, there was a glitch that slowed things down but we always have mitigation plans to ensure patient flow."