Hundreds gather to celebrate Larry Robinson’s life

WHITE ROCK – It was standing room only at the White Rock Community Centre Monday as hundreds of friends, family and well-wishers came together to celebrate the life of the late councillor Larry Robinson.


Indeed, it was the sound of laughter that rang loudest that afternoon, as individuals from all aspects of Robinson’s life took to the podium to recount their unique stories of the clearly beloved council member.


Robinson passed away March 15 after a long battle with cancer.


Hosted by White Rock Mayor Wayne Baldwin, the event was a celebration of Robinson’s life rather than a mourning, and gave those in attendance a glimpse of how Robinson came to be the man he was.


A series of speakers took to the mic, sharing their personal stories of Robinson, painting an image of an honest, passionate man who could be masterfully technical in his research and knowledge, and wonderfully artistic in his own right.


Many of Robinson’s family members were also present, including his two sons, his two brothers and his parents.


Jesse Robinson, who bore a striking resemblance to his father, took to the podium and reminisced about his dad’s booming laugh and infectious positivity.


Robinson’s ex-wife, Linda Baker, joked about a man’s worst nightmare coming to pass when she stood alongside his current wife, Ann, at the foot of Robinson’s bed while he was too ill to escape.


Jokes aside, Baker said moving to White Rock with Robinson was one of the best decisions they ever made, "and a look around the room would prove him right."


Baldwin also paid tribute to the mark Robinson will leave at the council table, noting his honesty and opinions were often backed up by meticulous research. Baldwin also thanked the city’s "shadow council" from the coffee shop Robinson frequented.


To cap off the event, Robinson’s friends and family went outside and released a group of white balloons into the air, mimicking what the former real estate agent would do at the end of every open house.


The crowd stood and watched as the balloon released by Robinson’s widow, Ann, strayed from the others and flew off in its own direction.