Key ordeal in Delta reveals kindness from strangers

Surrey – The Editor,

On July 30 at around noon, my husband took me for lunch before taking me out to catch a ferry out of Tsawwassen to Victoria. We went to Sushi Wara on 64th Avenue, at Sunshine Hills Shopping Centre in North Delta, and enjoyed a wonderful meal.

After we finished our meals, we were walking to our car in the parking lot and had stopped to unlock the car with the fob. The keys were dropped and they landed on one of the bars in the middle of the storm sewer grate – but only for a moment! They then slipped off of the bar and down into the sewer. These were the only set of keys we had with us and had to get going to catch the 3 p.m. ferry.

Some of the staff from the restaurant came outside to see what was going on.

Our server from lunch told us that she had called her friend who was going to bring down a magnet to try and retrieve our keys. The chef gave us some wire to try and hook the keys and then two people from Browns Social House (Leigh and Alex) came out to see if they could hel

Alex went back and returned with a long-handled dustpan. He got down on his knees and started scooping out gobs of disgusting sludge while looking for our keys. After a few dips down into the darkness, he laid down on the pavement so he could reach a bit deeper into the bottom of the sewer. He had just started his shift and was dressed very nicely, but that didn’t deter him from giving us his best effort.

Leigh, the assistant manager at Browns, then returned with a Swiffer duster with the cloth end pulled off. She was also dressed very nicely in a beautiful navy dress and pumps – and she was on her knees trying as well. Soon enough, Alex and his dustpan scooped up our keys and saved the day – and we still had enough time to make our planned ferry!

To receive such help and kind consideration from strangers is not very common these days, and all of these people demonstrated what it means to really help someone else. Thank you all once again for your kind consideration and assistance, and we will definitely be sending some business in their direction.

Art De’el Harvie, Surrey