Lead levels high in water sources at some Surrey schools

Lead levels high in water sources at some Surrey schools

Lead levels high in some Surrey schools

Health Canada standards not met in a number of water fountains

Twenty-seven water fountains or taps within Surrey schools have been found to have exceeded the Health Canada since May of this year, the Surrey school district has contracted an accredited, independent laboratory to test a total of 621 water sources inside Surrey schools, with many having high lead levels both before and after the taps have been flushed for a extended period of time. A number of the fountains had pre-flush levels as-high-as 146 times the allowable level.

The testing was conducted specifically at all 63 Surrey schools built before 1990 prior to a 1989 revision to the B.C. Plumbing Code restricting the use of lead in all potable water lines.

A letter sent out by Superintendent of Schools, Jordan Tinney, explained the results of the provincially-mandated water testing program and gave a plan to remedy the situation.

According to Tinney, depending on specific results, schools affected will continue to flush all faucets every morning, along with disconnecting some problem water sources and to replace faucets, install filters or bottling stations until more permanent solutions can be completed.

The district will also continue to monitor the water as part of a long-range plan.

According to Fraser Health, at this point, no cases of children being adversely affected by lead in drinking water have been reported in the region.

For more information on specific schools go to the Surrey Schools website at www.surreyschools.ca

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