LETTER: Rail relocation: Stop the talk, just do it

The Editor,

Another death along the rail road tracks, this time in Maple Ridge. And, of course, in the post-mortem, everyone wants to blame the victim.

Blaming the victim is not going to solve the problem with deaths and injuries as long as the railroad tracks travel along the beach in White Rock – especially as the White Rock population continues to grow exponentially.

It is time for our governments to stop talking about moving the train tracks and for us to make our government realize that moving the tracks to the interior of Surrey is a very necessary transportation-investment priority.

Moving the tracks can be seen as a tourism investment in addition to a necessary safety measure. Just because the tracks were built on the beachfront 100-plus years ago does not mean they should stay there forever. It is time to realize that tracks along our beautiful beach were never meant to be built where there was going to be such a densely populated area.

The only viable justification I have heard from people for not moving the tracks is cost issues. If we can spend millions of dollars on an Olympics, retractable sports roof and military stealth bombers, can we honestly justify that the costs of moving the tracks is too high?

To me, moving the tracks is something that should have been done years ago, and I don’t understand why it hasn’t.

It is time to get with current times.

Stop blaming the victims and realize that, yes, the costs are high – but the costs are too high not moving the tracks.

No matter how many times you keep blaming the victims, there will still be injuries (and worse) when you have trains and masses of people in a beachfront area.

Colin Fletcher

White Rock