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Man describes 1998 Surrey murder in undercover video

Police officer posing as crime boss got Gary Johnston to tell about Vic Fraser's stabbing.
Vic Fraser was killed in Surrey in 1998. Gary Johnston is currently on trial for second-degree murder.

Gary Johnston was in a hotel room in Montreal with a man he believed was an organized crime boss when he described bludgeoning Vic Fraser to death in Surrey 13 years ago.

In video footage of a 2009 undercover operation shown in New Westminster Supreme Court on Friday, Johnston recalled how he was robbing Fraser's sister's home when he showed up unexpectedly.

He said he greeted Vic, a man he'd met prior, and before he could figure out he was stealing from his sister's home, stabbed him in both sides of the neck so hard the blades broke off.

"I held his head as I stabbed his neck," Johnston said to the faux criminal, describing the victim "gasping" and not dying right away as he proceeded to kick him on the floor.

Johnston is currently on trial, charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of Fraser in his sister's home in the Bridgeview neighbourhood in March 1998.

Fraser's family and friends left the courtroom during the video, upset by the details.

The undercover RCMP investigator who portrayed the crime boss testified in court Friday, saying the plot targeting Johnston – called Operation Epolygenous – started in April 2009.

He said his first meeting with Johnston was at a set up social gathering in August 2009. A second meeting with Johnston and other police officers posing as crime associates took place about a month later.

It was during this meeting that the fake crime kingpin – who cannot be identified under court order – spoke with Johnston alone, telling him he was nervous about working with him because he had heard some of his past "work" had been "sloppy," and because he had learned Johnston had told a few people – including his brother – about a crime that he'd been involved in in Surrey.

Initially, Johnston simply says he hasn't told anyone anything, adding he's gotten much more careful after spending seven-and-a-half years in jail – time spent for a murder he committed in Regina.

He reveals his "neighbour's brother" was killed, but says no more about his involvement.

Johnston, bearded with closely short hair, tells the crime boss he'd be a "good asset" for his crime family.

"I do what I'm told and I get the job done.

"I've been there, done that, got 10 shirts and don't mind doing it again," Johnston says.

The undercover officer repeatedly tells Johnston of his concerns about fingerprints and DNA connecting him to the Surrey crime, calling them "loose ends" that he doesn't want to come back to haunt either of them.

Finally, the video shows Johnston stand up, demonstrating how he held both arms out and stabbed Fraser's neck.

He assures the crime boss that investigators would never find the knife handles because he dumped them in various places.

"All they'll find is the knife pieces that broke off in the guy's throat," says Johnston.

In the video, he also says he burned everything he was wearing in a friend's fireplace.

Johnston's trial continues for several more weeks.