Marine Drive roadwork is delayed three weeks

WHITE ROCK – Roadwork along Marine Drive is now expected to stretch into June, possibly disrupting traffic during the city’s peak season. The delay is due to the city’s water utility operator, EPCOR, wanting to install a new water main while the street is being worked on.


Marine Drive is undergoing road reconstruction between Bishop Road and High Street in order to replace the existing road, road base, sidewalk and service connections. City contractors caused a water main break in January and following that, the water operator informed the city they would be able to complete further water main work during the same time as the Marine Drive construction. However, as the city is waiting on EPCOR to finalize the funds for the project, work has been delayed. Approval is expected later this week.


"It’s unfortunate that even though we notified them a year ago, they waited until the road was stripped down before they


wanted to change the main," said White Rock Mayor Wayne Baldwin.


In addition to the delay, traffic in the area has been something of an issue, and the city has been on the receiving end of calls from residents upset with rerouting and delays.


According to manager of engineering Bob Ambardar, the city’s traffic management plan has had to be reconfigured several times in response to local concerns. Ambardar said the volume of traffic affected was higher than what was anticipated by staff and as such, non-local traffic has now been rerouted up Bishop Street.


"We’ve been working with staff to make changes to traffic management plans," he said.


Coun. Louise Hutchinon expressed concern that the public may be under the impression that the parking lot west of Oxford was also unavailable, which it isn’t.


"Tonight on a very nice night the parking lot was full to the left of Oxford, and to the right it’s empty," she said. "I’d like to see signage to say the parking lots are still open."