Meet the candidates: White Rock council

Meet the candidates: White Rock council

We asked each civic election candidate in our readership area – Surrey, White Rock and Delta – to submit a written response to one question, in 100 words or less: Why should people vote for you?

Their responses, unedited except for length, are published in our Civic Election tab. Below, White Rock’s council candidates respond:

For Mayor

Wayne Baldwin (Incumbent)

As Mayor for the past three years, I feel I have demonstrated my capability and competence, and have done a good job for our citizens.

I believe in: accountability and common sense; maintaining the unique character of White Rock; preserving the single family neighbourhoods; minimizing taxes and controlling spending; purchasing the water utility; removing all rail traffic; maintaining strong fire and police services; making arts an economic generator; and supporting local business.

I would like to be re-elected in order to continue to serve the City, and make it a better place for us, our children, and our grandchildren.

David Bradshaw

A Vote for David Bradshaw is a vote for:

Community FIRST in all matters, an end to MONSTER HOMES (height and size), strict compliance with the Official Community Plan, train relocation, all citizens being treated with care and compassion, affordable housing for seniors, taxation relief, support for small businesses, returning City Hall to the community, transparent Epcor Purchase, proactive management as opposed to “crisis” management, increased support for the creative arts community, new tax on absentee owners.

For Councillor

Mike Hornak

I believe in engaging the City of White Rock community for our future.

My personal thoughts are: What do we, the residents of White Rock want to preserve, and what do we need to change to create a successful future?

I have witnessed many changes in White Rock over the years, but as a resident, I want to be part of creating effective change not just watching it happen.

I live in White Rock, and as a councilor I would be assisting in making decisions on issues that will affect us as residents.

Vote Mike Hornak Nov. 15.

Dennis Lypka

Independent Pro-Citizen candidate who will bring better government to help keep White Rock a great place to live. 

Advocates a balanced, fair approach to development that is mindful of our Citizens, recognizes our City’s uniqueness and makes the most of our City’s natural beauty.

We have a railway issue in our City. With over 30 years of railway experience, has the insight and expertise to best begin to address the problem through respectful, meaningful dialogue with all stakeholders. 

Taxes are too high and disproportionate for our size; we need to control spending and focus on priorities for citizens.

Pattie Petrala

Authentic Community Engagement. Known COMMUNITY Activist & Consultant: demonstrated capacity to outreach, engage &represent interests of people; bridging networks; Inter-agency, cross-sectors; pro-active information sharing. Champion and advocate 18+ years in WR; prior 25 years Ottawa and Africa.

Time for DECISION side after years of advisory committees and consultation participation.

Not afraid to ask tough questions; independent, impartial, trustworthy and respect for community neither self-interest nor tool for profits to a few.

Enjoy serving people, helping others help themselves, creating value, solving problems and doing work that matters.

Margaret Woods

So often I hear “We came to White Rock to get away from the big city, we came for the White Rock way of life.”

It is appalling to see people, who have lived here for 20, 30 and 40 years, literally being taxed out of their homes: monster houses: trees being cut down: our once beautiful water being chlorinated and hi-rise after hi-rise.

Besides being a Certified General Accountant and Forensic Auditor, I am a Provider of Solutions: common sense, attainable and affordable solutions.

There are many issues, but I can only tell you, that I will do everything in my power to help bring back the White Rock way of life.

Helen Fathers (Incumbent)

This election is of vast importance. We need to decide our future and be in the position to plan accordingly.

We need wisdom and community minded independent thinkers at the Council table making decisions that represent your voice.

I do not take donations from developers to finance any part of my election campaign.

I represent the residents of White Rock and their interests.

I am honoured to have served on Council for the last six years and would love the opportunity to continue.

Thank you for all your support over the last two terms.

Please Re-Elect Helen Fathers on Nov. 15.

Bill Lawrence (Incumbent, White Rock Coalition)

I would first like to encourage everyone who is entitled to vote, to go vote this Nov. 15.

The events of October 22nd make it plain and clear that democracy isn’t easy; and those who protect us, also defend the freedoms we often take for granted.

For those in the past, and those who have recently fallen while preserving our way of life…we owe it to them to go and vote this election.

My goal is to always make White Rock an even better place to live and work.

Get the “Vote Bill” phone app.

Megan Knight (White Rock Coalition)

We all enjoy the beautiful city we live in and the high quality of life we have become accustomed to here in White Rock.

The challenge if elected is to maintain and enhance this.

I feel strongly that we need to lobby the provincial government for a major expansion of the Peace Arch Hospital.

We also need to work towards maintaining our safe city and that all tax dollars are being accounted for and used wisely.

Lynne Sinclair (White Rock Coalition)

If elected, I will listen to the public and ensure openness and transparency at City Hall, not making significant decisions without first engaging the public on matters such as Johnston Road and the Official Community Plan.

I believe arts and culture are essential to a healthy community and a key ingredient of our economic prosperity through cultural tourism.

I am a proud supporter of the 92-bed expansion of the Evergreen Baptist Campus of Care.

This means seniors can remain in their community, near their families, and it brings jobs to our community and Fraser Health dollars to our economy and increases our commercial tax base.

Grant Meyer (Incumbent, White Rock Coalition)

We have an upcoming review of the Official Community Plan, we need to ensure and encourage consultation and involvement from every corner of the city and from as many people as possible.

Our rate of growth has been slow, and that’s fine. We don’t need rapid growth like some cities, we need new developments to be of the highest quality.

Anything less won’t be considered. White Rock has a highly desired “Quality of Life” and is an extremely safe city, I will work my hardest so that it stays one of the best cities in British Columbia.

Cliff Annable (White Rock Coalition)

As Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce, and a long time successful businessman I know what takes to ensure that we keep our City’s financial house in order.

We need to spend the taxpayers’ money wisely and effectively, and to strengthen the City’s economic base.

The population in neighbouring communities is rapidly growing. I am committed to lobbying the Provincial government for an expansion of the Peace Arch Hospital.

White Rock’s youth population is rapidly increasing. We need to add more programs for them, and to improve recreational amenities such as a second sheet of ice at Centennial Arena.

Doug Hart (White Rock Coalition)

As a citizen of White Rock, I am passionate about our seaside community and that we maintain a high quality of life for our citizens, now and in the future.

A key priority for me is to provide certainty to the community on a strong vision and direction for the City.

My corporate, finance and governance background will provide sound decision making on Council.

As President of Burns Bog Conservation Foundation, VP of Tourism White Rock and Director of Seniors Come Share Society, I will advocate to protect our environment and shoreline, promote tourism and help seniors maintain their independence.

Alan Campbell (Incumbent)

Fellow Citizens. There is no school or college that can prepare anyone for the job of a city councillor.

It’s incredible what comes out of left field. I have served the citizens of White Rock for two terms (six years).

During that time I have been involved in all the very important everyday issues that make us function.

As a Council we cannot please all, the hope is that I made the right calls.

I would like to take my knowledge and involvement to a third term of four years. Time will tell. Que Sera Sera.

Cary Van Zanten

Cary started in the family business Pan American Nursery Products Inc. full time in 1972.

In his 41 years with Pan Am he has driven the company with locations in both Surrey B.C. and Millgrove ON. to grow to one of the top national nursery suppliers in both Canada and the USA.

Cary’s responsibilities, goals and results as a Business Partner, National/International Sales Manager and the company’s President from 1989-2013 raised the bar in the horticultural market place for other?s to achieve.

Pan American Nursery Products Inc. is a leader in the horticultural trade based on quality, marketing, innovations and environmental stewardship.

These qualities plus a history of business and government relationships in Canada, USA and Internationally is what Cary wants to bring to the City of White Rock.

David Chesney

I believe I will make a great representative on council for the residents of White Rock.

I have a high profile in the community through my volunteer work as well as being the Editor/Publisher of The White Rock Sun (

I know the issues. I am aware of the challenges we face as a community as we look forward to the next four years.

Rail safety, responsive government, sticking to the OCP and building an arts community are the pillars of my platform.

I will continue to be as visible as I am if not more so.

That is why I think people should vote for me.

Ross Haugland

All of us candidates run with similar campaign promises – controlled development, cost management, property tax limits, etc.

What is different about me is that unlike most of the other candidates I bring both a formally educated and an in-business practicum to the council.

I hold a Financial Mgmt Diploma, Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (BBA), and am a Certified Professional Purchaser (CPP).

As president of a communications company, I have spent the last decade at the strategic level. I bring a strong financially trained background to the council, something our current council is missing.

Note: White Rock council candidates Sheila Hunter-Tubic and Darcy Sangster did not submit responses to the Now.

Voting day is Nov. 15, 2014. In White Rock polls are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Centennial Arena (14600 North Bluff Rd.), Kent Street Activity Centre (1475 Kent St.) and White Rock Community Centre (15154 Russell Ave).