(Delta Police Department photo)

(Delta Police Department photo)

Police dog track leads to Delta break-and-enter suspect

Police dog and live security camera feed credited for arrest of man in Tilbury on Sept. 25

Delta police say a live security camera feed and a police dog were instrumental in stopping an alleged break-and-enter suspect in Tilbury last weekend.

According to a DPD press release, on the morning of Sept. 25, police received a report of an unknown male inside a fully fenced area at a business on Progress Way. The man was seen on a live camera feed rummaging through vehicles in the fenced lot and carrying a tool bag.

Given the in-progress nature of the situation, police called for K9 support from Integrated Police Dog Services.

When police arrived on scene, officers noted a gate had been pried open at the end of the fenced lot. The camera feed had provided a detailed description of the suspect, so officers in the area began searching for a man matching the description.

“Officers located the suspect a short distance away and detained him for suspicion of break-and-enter. Another officer was with a police dog, and the dog’s track led to a bag of tools just outside the lot, and ultimately to the location of the other officers and the suspect,” Cris Leykauf, public affairs manager for the Delta Police Department, said in a press release.

The man was arrested for alleged breaking and entering and possession of break-in instruments.

Police say the man is facing a court date in November and has been released on a number of conditions.

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