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Psst, wanna buy a ferry? 4 aging BC Ferries vessels being retired

Powell River Queen, Bowen Queen, Mayne Queen, Queen of Burnaby listed for decommissioning

Four nearly 60-year-old vessels built in Victoria were included in the BC Ferries request for proposals on Tuesday, May 28.

The Powell River Queen, Bowen Queen, Mayne Queen, and Queen of Burnaby were all listed for dismantling and recycling.

BC Ferries secured new vessels for its fleet, which means decommissioning the old boats to make room for the latest additions.

In an email, BC Ferries said they do extensive background checks on anyone who wishes to purchase the ships to ensure they are recycled correctly.

The Powell River Queen, Mayne Queen and Bowen Queen are 85 metres long and boasted a passenger capacity of 400.

Two ferries retired in 2022, with the Powell River Queen retiring in 2023.

The Queen of Burnaby is 130 metres long, carried 659 passengers and 192 cars, and was retired from service in 2017.

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