Surrey-Cloverdale riding for the Oct. 24, 2020 election. (Map: Elections BC)

Surrey-Cloverdale riding for the Oct. 24, 2020 election. (Map: Elections BC)

BC Election 2020

RIDING PROFILE: Surrey-Cloverdale

Riding has been a sturdy fort for BC Liberals since it was created in 1991

Surrey-Cloverdale has been a sturdy fort of a riding for the Liberals since it was created in 1991.

Liberal incumbent and MLA Marvin Hunt hopes to keep it that way, this time running against four other candidates – the NDP’s Mike Starchuk, BC Green Party Candidate Rebecca Smith, Conservative candidate Aisha Rehana Bali and Independent candidate Marcella Williams.

Hunt, who had previously served as as Liberal MLA in Surrey-Panorama, first won the Cloverdale riding in 2017, which fellow Liberal Stephanie Cadieux had held before setting her sights on running in, and winning, Surrey South.

Liberal MLAs Ken Jones held Surrey-Cloverdale from 1991 to 1996, Bonnie McKinnon from 1996 to 2001, and Kevin Falcon from 2001 to 2013.

Before venturing into provincial politics, Hunt served on Surrey council from 1988 to 2013. Starchuk is also a former Surrey city councillor.

Surrey-Cloverdale, according to most recent available figures, has a population of 59,649 and covers 55 square kilometres. The average age of its residents is 37.3 years old and for 28.96 per cent of its residents English is their second language.


We asked each candidate a simple question. “Why are you the best candidate in your riding?” We asked them to keep their pitch to 150 words. For those candidates who did not respond, we made every effort to tell you a little something about them or at the very least, send you in the right direction to learn about them.

Aisha Bali


I already use the radio platform to inspire, motivate and promote individuals and local businesses. If elected, I wish to do the same at a larger scale and be an advocate for change.

I believe in being proactive and finding the root cause of the problem and solutions and not wait until the problem has evolved, which is more devastating and costly.

Instead of looking for more police force why not invest more in the root cause of the issues, like addiction, mental health, housing affordability and reduce the cost of living in our province.Since Cloverdale is home for me and my family, I would like to make it a safer, better, beautiful, peaceful and affordable place to live.

Marvin Hunt


I have proudly served Surrey Cloverdale for the past three years.

The BC Liberals have the best vi-sion for the future of this province and we will focus on growing the economy and getting people back to work safely.

I have a strong track record of keeping taxes low, and bringing investments to my community.

I’ve listened to the residents in my area and I have pushed for a referendum on the Surrey police transition. I am committed to continue to be a strong voice for the residents of Surrey-Cloverdale.

Rebecca Smith

Green Party

The People of Surrey-Cloverdale are being offered the choice of: More of the same, another guy who is just the same – or a woman of integrity, who will put People before Party.

I will work for and answer to the Voters not to wealthy donors or power-grabbing political bosses. I live in and love this community and I fight for its best interest.

As a director of Surrey Hospice Society, a small business owner, community leader, I am known for my passion and commitment. I know what it takes to make things work and get things done.

I have served as President and director of several boards including the Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce, BullyFree BC, the Canadian Women Voters Congress, the Canadian Mental Health Association, and many more. I believe in sustainability, respect for diversity and ecological wisdom.

It is time to do things differently, it is time for integrity and accountability in politics.

Mike Starchuk


I am deeply committed to serving the people of Surrey-Cloverdale.

Thirty-two years of service as a firefighter and Chief Fire Prevention Officer has provided me with first-hand knowledge of the growth of our community. In 2013 I was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for my dedication to the people of Surrey.

I also served as a Surrey City Councillor from 2014-2018. There, I chaired the Agricultural and Food Security Committee, the Environmentally Sustainable Committee, and the Seniors Committee. I continue to focus on improvements in the areas of agriculture through my work helping local farmers, and ensuring our seniors have the care they need.

If elected, I will be highly involved in the design of the new hospital and cancer centre in Cloverdale. The land was sold years ago by the BC Liberals but the hospital is finally coming thanks to the BC NDP.

Marcella Williams


As a determined and compassionate First Nations woman of integrity, I am driven to make positive change and to willingly work transparently for you, the people.

An independent vote is not a wasted vote – it is an opportunity to have a representative in the legislature, accountable, to you; your inclusion in decision making for our province comes first with me! I will listen and hold the government in check as Independents can tip the balance of power and help steer the ship. I am that Independent who will make a difference! I will have a part in making the best possible decisions that benefit our community, economy, environment and province.

It is time for change in government! The people want to be heard! Vote for me on October 24th to be “A voice for the people.”

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