Surrey, Delta issue outdoor fire bans

SURREY/DELTA  — Surrey and Delta have both issued bans on outdoor burning given recent dry weather.

The bans have come early this year, triggered by the Coastal Fire Centre recently issuing a Category 2 fire ban for B.C.’s coast, and Surrey firefighters responding to 86 brush fires since May 1st.

Surrey issued its ban on Monday, with no expiry date forecast. Last year’s extended into October.

Until further notice, Surrey Fire Chief Len Garis has cancelled all burning permits and is prohibiting all types of outdoor fires, including charcoal barbeques in city parks and on Surrey’s beaches. Propane barbeques are still permitted.

Also, Surrey’s fire department is asking residents to properly dispose of bottles and broken glass found outdoors to prevent them from magnifying the sun’s rays and starting a fire.

Delta’s open fire ban was issued despite the municipality’s website indicating Delta’s present fire danger rating is low.

Existing fire permits have been cancelled for burning agriculture land waste and new ones won’t be issued until the ban is lifted.

Backyard burning, campfires and outdoor cooking fires are currently banned in Delta.