Surrey teacher resigns over borrowed laptop

Surrey teacher resigns over borrowed laptop

SURREY — A Surrey teacher has resigned from the school district after changing his story about a borrowed laptop that went missing for months.

A discipline decision from the B.C. Commissioner for Teacher Regulation, dated Nov. 5, says Scott Bojarski switched schools in the fall of 2013, moving from Clayton Heights Secondary to LA Matheson.

In June of 2013 he borrowed a laptop from Clayton Heights for the summer, to prepare for classes in September and prepare his Masters thesis. District policy restricts use of such laptops to purposes "directly related to work for the school/district.”

After he started at his new school in September 2013, the principal at his old school contacted him on Sept. 11 to ask where the laptop was. According to the discipline decision, Bojarski said he had returned it, on Sept. 4.

On Nov. 25 he returned it, telling a Clayton Heights teacher: “You’ll never believe what I found,” and saying he had found it at the bottom of a box, the decision says.

During an interview with district officials on Jan. 17, 2014, Bojarski said he had not used the laptop in October or November of 2013.

The district investigation found it had been in use during that time and the discipline noted he admitted to using it check his email and to download movies.

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