Surrey woman sent for psych assessment after lost dog stabbed, force-fed jewelry

SURREY — A two-year-old black lab named Ryder is recovering at home after being found in a stranger’s home after being repeatedly stabbed, rings being stuffed into his eyes and being forcefully fed jewelry.

The lost dog was found in a Surrey basement suite early Sunday morning after a 24-year-old woman covered in blood told her landlord she had been attacked by a dog.

Police say it was clear the dog had not attacked her and the woman, who is not the animal’s owner, was arrested under the Mental Health Act and sent for a psych assessment. She has not yet been named.

Police believe a knife or scissors were used to repeatedly stab Ryder.

Dr. Baljir Mrar, with Avon Animal Hospital, has known Ryder since he was a pup and said he was in bad condition when he was brought in.

"Somebody poked earrings or something in the eye… and we did an X-Ray and found jewelry (in his stomach)… somebody fed him foreign bodies."

Police say a lighter was also found in his stomach.

Ryder had to undergo surgery to remove items from his stomach.

Mrar said it’s normal for dogs to come in after having swalled foreign items, such as rocks or change, but it was clear in Ryder’s case that he had been forcefully fed because of all the cuts in his mouth.

The dog was sent home Monday night, Mrar said, but the clinic will continue to observe him and he was at the clinic for a checkup Tuesday.

Despite the injuries to his eyes, he can see, and the vet expects him to fully recover.

"We still have some issues with blood in the urine… but it was better yesterday. Things are looking good," Mrar said.

Eileen Drever, an animal cruelty investigator with the SPCA described the attack on Ryder is "absolutely horrific."

She said the dog suffered greatly. “This dog is a friendly dog. Once the dog got to the animal hospital, and was being cleaned up, it was wagging its tail. It’s absolutely heartbreaking."

The SPCA will be handling the animal cruelty investigation and Drever said the organization would be recommending charges to Crown as soon as possible.

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