Transit Police shooting in Surrey on Sunday afternoon

Transit Police shooting in Surrey on Sunday afternoon

SURREY — A shooting involving Transit Police in Whalley Sunday afternoon will be investigated.

But by whom — Surrey RCMP’s major crimes section, or the Independent Investigations Office — has yet to be determined.

A Transit Police officer fired two shots at a vehicle that had been thrown into reverse and was bearing down on him, ostensibly to pin him. The vehicle then took off. It’s still not known if anyone was injured in the shooting.

This happened under the SkyTrain guideway near Gateway Station.

The Surrey RCMP has declined to comment on the case, as has the Transit Police.

Kellie Kilpatrick, of the Independent Investigations Office in Whalley, said her organization isn’t yet certain the case falls under its jurisdiction as it only investigates cases involving injury or death.

“We are not certain that this falls under our jurisdiction in the absence of an affected person who either died or sustained serious injuries,” she said. “If this does not fall within our jurisdiction the case will likely be with Surrey major crime.”

Kilpatrick declined to comment on the number of officers involved, number of shots fired or circumstances prior to the shooting.