We don’t want tourists who feel entitled

Surrey – The Editor, Re: “Cops cruel for ticketing tourists,” the Now letters, June 5. Aren’t people unbelievable sometimes? Who does Jennifer Jilks from Perth, Ont. think she is? Does she think that because she’s a “tourist” in B.C. and spends thousands of dollars here she can speed through a playground – where I’m sure there were speed limit signs posted – and get away with this, then go on to slam the RCMP for stopping her and issuing a speeding ticket? You got caught, Jill. Suck it up and pay the fine – that’s the consequence of speeding in a playground zone, whether you’re here or in Ontario.

Thank God you didn’t kill somebody. I, for one, don’t want tourists like you coming here believing they’re entitled. We have enough problems with our own citizens speeding through school and playground zones who think they’re entitled without tourists believing the same.

Judy Young