Whalley neighbourhood is a ‘Single City Jazz’

Website analyzes Canadian demographics by postal code.

Environics Analytics estimates the average income

Environics Analytics estimates the average income

People relaxing in the resort-like ambience of Crescent Beach are enjoying one “of the wealthiest exurban lifestyles,” according to a new online program that identifies demographics by Canadian postal codes.

The website also estimates the average income, housing tenure, education, occupation and other details of Canadian residents.

According to the Environics Analytics algorithm, Crescent Beach residents have been labelled Satellite Burbs.

“Their idea of entertainment is going to a community theatre, music concert or movie theatre,” the website says. “For vacations, they’re more likely than average Canadians to go camping, boating or touring in a recreational vehicle.”

A little closer to Surrey’s centre, in Newton (around 80 Avenue and King George Boulevard), in addition to North Delta, near 72 Avenue and Scott Road, the areas are referred to in the algorithm as South Asian Society.

“Home to the largest concentration of South Asian residents, South Asian Society features a blend of Sikh, Hindu and Muslim immigrants who have arrived in Canada since 1990,” the Environics Analytics website says. “Half speak a non-official language, the most common being Punjabi.”

Further north in Whalley, the area is known as Single City Jazz.

“Life can be stressful in Single City Jazz, a transient world of mostly younger, low-income singles and single-parent families,” the website says.

“These are the urban denizens who frequent Starbucks, order groceries online and take public transit at twice the national.”

Those over in Cloverdale are Aging in Suburbia.

“Not quite golden age material, the established households of Aging in Suburbia enjoy a comfortable lifestyle sustained by their upper-middle-incomes,” the website says.

“Once filled with young, child-rearing families, this segment is now a sign of the times: home to a mix of older couples aging in place and middle-aged families still raising children and building nest eggs.”

To check out your neighbourhood, go to Prizm5’s Lifestyle Lookup at https://en.environicsanalytics.ca/prizm5_lookup.aspx


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