Wong seeks Delta council seat

Wong seeks Delta council seat

Saying he’s not running for just the next four years, but for the next 40, Nicholas Wong announced his candidacy for Delta council this week.

Wong, who was born and raised in Delta, said he is running to see a comprehensive and long-term plan put in place for Delta.

"This means the preserving of neighbourhoods, maintaining the one of a kind ecosystem that we enjoy, supporting a thriving and diverse local business community and, most importantly, creating forward thinking, sustainable community plans and sticking to them," he said.

Wong said no rezoning proposal that falls outside of the established community plans should be entertained unless it offers significant benefit to the community.

He said he is concerned the current council has repeatedly entertained rezoning applications that fall well outside the boundaries of any plan shared with the public.

A graduate of Delta Secondary, Wong worked his way through university while at B.C. Ferries. At 24,

he has completed his degree in philosophy at Simon Fraser University and continues to work at B.C. Ferries.

Wong said he has a deep love for the municipality he grew up in and that’s

what motivates his campaign. He acknowledges that change is coming and growth will not be stopped, but said he wants to ensure it is managed, appropriate and benefits residents, while protecting the unique characteristics and values that attracted people to Delta in the first place.