Wyatt DeBruin named as killer of Laura Szendrei

SURREY – The killer of Laura Szendrei has been revealed as 21-yearold Wyatt DeBruin following the lifting of a publication ban on his name.


The reveal comes three months after DeBruin was sentenced to life in prison. Up until now, DeBruin’s name was protected by a publication ban as he had been considered a minor due to him being 17 at the time of his attack.


However, following DeBruin’s sentencing as an adult in October, a judge last week overturned that ban, though media are still not allowed to publish images of DeBruin.


DeBruin was sentenced to life in prison with no eligibility for parole this past October following a lengthy hearing on whether or not he should be tried as a youth or an adult. Being days shy of his 18th birthday when he committed his deadly attack on Szendrei in September 2010, it was ultimately decided that he should not be sentenced as a youth, which would have meant only four years in prison and three years supervised.


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