Send your submissions to Candy Canes and Coal to

Send your submissions to Candy Canes and Coal to


Candy Canes and Coal (Dec. 10, 2020)

A Christmas edition of our weekly collection of compliments and complaints sent in by readers

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  • Red and green candy canes to all those decorating their homes. We go for a walk most evenings and appreciate our neighbours’ lights, wreaths, baubles on trees, inflatables, etc. that brighten the darkness and warm our hearts, especially this year.
  • Coal to Councillor Laurie Guerra who never listened to even one delegation at the four-hour budget meeting. Her pontification by way of a scripted speech is a slap to the face of every taxpayer faced with tax increases in 2021.
  • Candy canes to the new Surrey Police Chief! Welcome aboard. We look forward to you leading the new Surrey Police Department next year. Kudos!
  • Candy canes to all City of Surrey employees who have been affected by layoffs. To all of the fitness instructors – we miss our routine. Hope to see everyone soon. All the best in the days ahead.
  • Last week, Newton was lit up with fireworks again. When is the mayor going to come out and say enough is enough with these fireworks and enforce the laws that have been on the books since 2005? Do your job.
  • Coal to all the people who still think they don’t have to obey the law. No fireworks – what don’t you understand? On Nov. 30 in Newton, people were still lighting off fireworks. They light up their fireworks and run into their houses just like cowards.
  • Coal to all COVIDIOTS – you suck.
  • Candy Canes to the Buy-Low Foods in Riverside driver, who has delivered my groceries since the start of COVID. When this week’s order arrived and he heard my husband just passed away, he came back later with a bouquet of flowers and condolences from the staff. An act of kindness in these COVID times. With thanks, Jean.

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