Send your submissions to Candy Canes and Coal to

Send your submissions to Candy Canes and Coal to


Candy Canes and Coal (Dec. 9, 2021)

Our Christmas-season collection of compliments and complaints sent in by readers

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• Coal to the Surrey mall that said it did not decorate for Christmas because of COVID. I will look for decorated malls to do my shopping.

• Chunks of coal in Canada Post’s stocking for returning my snail mail. I weighed my envelope and it was just over the limit. You are so picky and return so many letters while other mail I receive doesn’t even have the stamp verified at all. Make up your mind please!

• A great big lump of coal to Doug McCallum. Don’t be surprised when you lose next year’s municipal election. Once you’re voted out of office, don’t ever come back. May those seven volunteers that you barred from City Hall finally have their day in court.

• Candy canes to the City of Surrey for coming by within 12 hours after I reported on the app, with trucks to pick up all the furniture dumped in front of our house. Coal to the two guys in a white van who dumped it. We have you on yard camera.

• Coal to Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre. I felt very unsafe there. People use drugs in the skatepark in broad daylight, threaten patrons and verbally abuse staff on a daily basis. They also walk right into the building and cause nothing but trouble. Extending Chuck Bailey will not solve this problem. We need more police presence, affordable housing and a mental health hospital such as Riverview.

• Coal and a slap upside the head of people who drive without brushing the snow from your car. One guy was driving down Highway 1 with his rear windshield completely covered with snow. Lazy idiots like that put us all at risk. Police – please crack down on this behaviour when you see it.

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