Cut doesn’t do it for ‘me’

Cut doesn’t do it for ‘me’

Re: “Selling HST to the ‘me’ generation” (B.C. Views, June 1).

From “my” perspective, Tom Fletcher omitted some key points.

The main stumbling block is the way the government brought it to life: lies and deceit. This “revenue neutral” tax is going to be a boost of $1 billion for the year to government coffers. Taxpayers’ money, as was as the $1.6 billion from the feds.

The governments of this country have it backwards when they think they can just up the ante when they need more revenue to cover their outlandish spending when they should be looking at reducing the expenditures instead of increasing taxes.

I think the populace has to vote “yes” in the referendum to show government that we have been pushed far enough.


Jim Anderson, Victoria


Surrey North Delta Leader